by Nahual

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Lord Tirnna - Vocals
Scharack - Guitars
Lord Azazel - Guitars / Bass
Meister Marbas - Drums


released July 24, 2004



all rights reserved


Pentagram Records Peru

metal underground label since 2009

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Track Name: El Castillo Trimensor
This is the Castle Trimensor
Which only dungeons & spectres know of
It is not the emptiness your dwelling
Your path shakes of dusks
Leads to a gate
In which snakes and ravens perch

Chorus :
If you enter here you'll see the absence
Of keys in your inside

No one roams here
Except nomads & winged ones
The horizon doesn't slips
Toward the sunset the bell
The bell will have to toll

Chorus :
If you enter here you'll see the absence
Of keys in your inside

You'll find a key as a star
You're already inside, inside the castle
Inside the Castle Trimensor
Track Name: Mask of Some God
The mask of some God, you long for
And find behind the ineffable the mark
Of discouragement
And as you come you depart again
Toward the cosmos
Son of the cosmos and the black fire
We ask you that from
The argental region in which you dwell
And become into a plasm
Aqueous and volcanic
We're Anxious for your glory
Knight of the seven constelations
And of the seven chariots of fire
And if to the empyryium you assist
We ask you to carry between you sores
A black rose of mysticism
So it be; a light !
Red hammer of evil
Mask of some God
Track Name: Karnyna & Aradia (Satan's Whores)
Dark lustful burns our dead atomic corpse
Drunk minds for impure hellish disembodied
Satan's whore obsessed by the Strong Penis Cult!!!
Drinking to the alcoholic coma and get on by the walls
Between tortures bed sheets of dark silt
Like nocturnal spectral black winds
Black candles iluminate my path!!!

Candle's smoke fog that runs the forest
I can see the Urania's spectral evil goat

Seven whores and three swords
Howl madness ecstasy
Body jails burn like hell
Serpent rises in a tepid night
Thin tact star the anti-horary frenzy
Hellish creatures adopt abnormal postures whit cruelty
Lycanthropic rites hae the power
Wildness power of Strong Penis Cult!!!
Track Name: From Kether to Malkuth (Nine Sephiroths of Hell)
The crown of the kingdom
You wish to find
And only find hidden madonnas behind corridors
It's a bloody imitation ceremony
It's the worshipping of the atomic evil goat
And of the wild, seven stars that circle above Uranus
Seeking the irradiation of the cosmic plasm
Toward the earth

The crown of the kingdom you wish to reach
And after that you die and transmigrate distances
Lost eras and inexistence spaces
Cosmic rings

Certain spectral dust that we don't see
The stall of black fire in the sidereal poison
The scarlet stair that goes from mind to cosmos
And shows itself again to reign
The crown of the kingdom
You wish to find
And find behind the corridors black madonnas
That lead you to rite of purification
It's a bloody ceremony
In honor to an atomic goat
And finally you find yourself there
Finally to be crowned
Crowning! Crowning!
The crown of the kingdom
Track Name: Blackhearts
My heart so black as the awakening
Of three thousand strong mortuary buffalos
My incrusted mind of alabaster, amethysts
And of fresh blood

Among the hands i seize a river that ascends
Of the highest west it overflows their knowledge
And in my eyes i don't find the implosion
Of a saturnian ring

My life pressed by the dampness of the hours
My blood sculpted by the wild anemones
And the might that opens up like one morning

To say that still comes that never forgot
The power of their flashes
It burns in the unconscious ice of the blizzard
The same as a sign avoid its embryo
And he dives in a rotten well toward the lethargy
My heart is cold as the darkness
(My mind don't support more a stellar catastrophe
Only the light noise of cyclopean giant's steps)
Grasped to the clouds of poison of a new aeon anyone
The night calls to the Blackhearts

My incrusted mind of amethysts, of green silt
And vestiges of high geology
My hearts so black as the dizzy spell of a virgin seal
In full sacrifice night
The night calls to the Blackhearts
Track Name: Skeleton of Death
Skeleton of death
Agent of wickedness
Seek the victims
To the eternal flams
The umbearable pain

Torture the victims
Toss their debris
To the pool of evil
Gather theor grease and smear it unto the atomic evil goat

Blasphemy upon the bloody room
Disfigure their faces
Skeleton of death
Make them suffer without mercy
Enslaved your dead slaughtered body
To the crypts of onslaught

(Repeat 1st verse)
Track Name: Of Fragmented Skies and Weapons
May Shamash, of golden cloud
Spread his eyes above constellations
May Assur extend the scepter of his silver hand to the ice
At the same way that the ephemeral and duration are impressive,
may his Name perforate the stones of the highest tower
May storm no make tremble his kingdom of honor and blood
May no army dare to enter in his domains. His commands attack!!!

Anu has given his jasper crown, Enlil has given his throne of honor, Nihurta has given his immortal weapons, Nergal has given his final glory, Nusku has commanded and made princes kneel before the king
Those who deny it Erra will sentence them to death
No felony, not violation, nor sedition, can (bear) these fields of war
What you see in all cartography have been conquered by man!!!

May wine and balsam endure way, more than vices
And then i'll face downwards the Le Talionis
May his arms be the extension of precisest kite
And fire burn first throughout the border of hurt shire
May the iron of each season leads to total victory
Ans may the imperial squadrons resound in the nebulous horns!!!
Track Name: T.S.T.A.S. (Elegy of Devastation and Death)
First Chapter
From the inner temple of Absu
To the opening of the sea that all see
Son of the prince, silver sword muddy mountain
In the imperial Kiur, vast abode of the Gods
You gaze upon the stellar novas and see
Your destiny linked to the seed, contortion barely
Where weapons present themselves
As the cloud that inspired terror
The great An has given your purpose above earth and sky

Enlil has unfolded for you the trees and medleys of hate
But to be free of all unhealthy hollow
Enki from the depth of the seas has made the waves
Subjugated under your feet/imperial edge
Entil didn't think that your majesty would carry the
Jealousy of the planets and anyway he proclaimed you name
Throughout the vast borders of the universe

And your crescent, Nanna is called crescent of the seventh day
The Gods have keep to you a throne of osier and tin
However Enki had decreed your destiny from the sanctuary of Eridu from the sublime Absu the king, cosmos has spoken
And he has decided that your head surpass the skies and stars
Warned of his ordinances dwell on the wild mountains
And the great Gods come to sacrifice

Repartition of wells with proud and silver hearth
Namma, Enki consecrates for you the dwelling (and turns it scarlet)
Makes descent the cosmic chaos and magnetic waves
Directs for you the temple of the pine wood
All of that fundaments in thyself are done oh Namma
Commands for you the rules and rites of purification
So (all of us) will be honored by the glory of the beign Oh ! Nañma

(Interlude) : Scharack

Second chapter
Enki institutes the rites of purification for you
To the side of the river that all sees
The blood is possessed and it's available for the temple
The members are fork
About the purification rites, from the imperial abyss
Vast sea, this destiny have emerged
The temple of the pine wood suits the great ordinances
Of sky and earth/abyss and sea
Namma, you have install yourself on your imperial throne
Who holds the scepter of high head and brilliant horns
Who holds the mask of the possessed ones
Also holds the blood of victors and defeated
The one who suits the corpses and lust of Namma

Also he is the one who finishes the hopes of the weak
But it's Dara-Absu who from Eridu
Purs the blood for these hands
From the blackened throne of Ur
Ashimbabbar, carries on the head a ribbon
Crown from which one can trust
From where the shining imperial horn rises
He raises the head toward the scaffold of the dead
Possessed blood, possessed blood, shining blood!!!